APC has been serving the needs of the telecommunications industry for over 40 years. We specialize in database reconciliation of typical RBOC systems (ie. LMOS, SWITCH-OS, CRIS, TIRKS, LFACS) and have extensive experience working with 1AES, 5ESS, DMS and Siemens switching technology. 

Translations / Billing Reconciliation

APC has performed a line feature billing purification project which recovered approximately $10 million in revenue due to unbilled line features. This process involved extracting the working lines with their corresponding features from both Translations and Billing. After identifying the billing discrepancies, we present the data to the RBOC's business office personnel for resolution, via our user-friendly GUI driven Windows based software. Our software tracks all revenue and provides reports which help the user track these errors until they are resolved. 

Facility Recovery

One of our facility recovery processes compares extracts from Translations, CRIS, SWITCH-OS, LFACS and MARCH on TN, OE and Cable/Pair. The MARCH data is utilized to identify those lines with pending service order activity. We report all discrepant TN/OE working conditions as potential recovery. (i.e. Working on Translations only, Working on SWITCH-OS only, etc...) Discrepancy reports can be presented as an EXCEL workbook to simplify user segmentation and distribution.

Conversion / Update Services

APC has performed Central Office conversion services for 1AES to 5ESS cutovers.  We have also assisted in 1AES to DMS conversions by supplying 1AES TDD forms (1200 to 1500 series). 

In addition, we have purified the Voice Messaging System of an RBOC by comparing Translations, Billing and the VMS peripheral on several VMS features. The goal of this project was to create an error free VMS database prior to loading the new VMS system.