MARCS (Master Agreement Repository & Capture System) is an application designed by our derivative documentation attorney specifically for financial institutions. MARCS provides the tools necessary for compliance, analysis of ISDA Master Agreements, ISDA Credit Support Documents and associated amending agreements. NAV Breach Analysis is performed by populating your fund’s monthly NAV data tables in MARCS and NAV detail triggers, the software will then identify those contracts with NAV termination event breaches. Credit Rating downgrade monitoring utilizes Moody’s to flag any entities which have experienced a rating decline.   You can build custom searches and export the results into Excel with any or all of the information found in the Schedule or CSA. We would like to fully demonstrate the capabilities, reporting accuracy and labor cost savings benefit you will experience with our user friendly software. 

With Just a few keystrokes you could compare and contrast one or more of the following example provisions across your ISD Master Agreements portfolio:

Termination Events:

· NAV triggers / Floors / Breach

· Change of Control

· Ratings Downgrade/Material Adverse Change

Specified Transactions:

· Scope of transactions and cross-referenced agreements

Events of Default:

· Failure to pay / Deliver / Bankruptcy Grace Period

· Credit Event Upon Merger Materially Test Parameters

· Cross Default Parameters / Cross Acceleration

· Adequate Assurance


· Independent Amount / MTA / Rounding

· Transfer Timing

· Scope of Collateralized Obligations 

Our Services and fees include the following:

        One time licensing fee will be $7,500, includes updates and support for first year.

         Thereafter, $1,500 per year for updates and support. (optional)

         Confidentiality Guaranteed

APC’s staff of experience attorneys can provide the service of capturing the pertinent ISDA Schedule and CSA information.

Please call 203-327-6077 or email from the contact page to arrange a demonstration of our software via the web. We look forward to the opportunity to prove MARCS as an invaluable tool for your organization’s success.


Please watch a brief over view of our MARCS system at

You  can also review the below screen shots.