SLARCS (Side Letter Agreement Repository & Capture System) was developed to fill a need in the financial industry for an easy to use Side Letter Agreement repository. The software is used to capture important terms and provisions from Side Letter Agreements, along with a link to stored documents and any associated amendments.

Once the terms have been entered into SLARCS, the user is able to easily view the investor terms, build custom searches and export the results into Excel.

With Just a few keystrokes you could compare and contrast one or more of the following example provisions across your Investor Side Letter Agreements portfolio:

Key Provisions:

· Keyman

· Redemption Rights

· Side Pocket / Illiquid / Non-Marketable Investments

· Most Favored Nation (MFN)

Information Rights / Notice of Certain Events:

· Financial, Portfolio, Tax Information and Material Events

Investor Limitations:

· Foundation Limitation

· Erisa Limitations



· Tax Elections

· Foreign Investments

· Controlled Foreign Corporation

· Tax Shelter Transaction

· Allocation of Realized Gains

Investment Limitations:

· Investment Strategy

· Leverage

· Single Investment / Issuer

· Currency Hedging 

Distributions / redemptions:

· Audit Holdbacks

· In-Kind Distributions

· Suspensions

Other Provisions:

· Consent to Assignment

· Waiver of Sales Charge

· Confidentiality

· Indemnification

· Litigation / Disputes

· Fiduciary Out

· Co-Investment Opportunities

· Notices

Our Services and fees include the following:

        One-time licensing fee will be $6,500, includes updates and support for first year.

        Thereafter, $1,500 per year for updates and support. (optional)

        Confidentiality Guaranteed

APC’s staff of experienced attorneys can provide the service of capturing the pertinent Side Letter information creating a turn key solution for data management requirements.

Please call 203-327-6077 or email from the contact page to arrange a demonstration of our software via the web. We look forward to the opportunity to prove SLARCS as an invaluable tool for your organization’s success.

Please see below screen shots.